New to Archery?

As a sport archery has a lot to offer a great number of people. It is open to people of all ages from as young as 10, and under the auspices of the Grand National Archery Society archers are encouraged to take part in the sport at any one of a number of levels, from Club archer through to Olympic athlete.

Most Clubs (including Malgrave) offer basic tuition to beginners for a small fee, including the use of Club equipment. After the end of that period a prospective archer would typically join the Club before buying equipment of their own.

Bowmen of Malgrave meets every week on a Sunday afternoon, when a regular programme of events is followed. The Club also competes in league tournaments organised by Essex County Archery Association, and Club members attend local and national tournaments during the course of the year


While equipment can be expensive the beginner can start shooting for a capital outlay of as little as 150. This would buy a basic beginner's bow, a sight, arrows, bracer and tab.  

After the first year most beginners tend to "outperform" this basic equipment, and would most likely want to upgrade. At this point the quality of the desired equipment will determine the amount of money to be spent. The Club keeps an eye out for reasonably priced secondhand equipment which may be useful to new members.

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