Club History                         


The Bowmen of Malgrave Archery Club,  formed in 1983, as the result of a merger between two Archery Clubs located very close together on the outskirts of Basildon, in Essex.

The first of the Clubs, Basildon Archers, had been in existence for some 25 years before the merger, while the latter, a young upstart of a Club called Cranes Bowmen had quickly gained some notoriety for their prowess behind the bow!

The resulting Club grew very quickly and established itself both in Target Archery, going from the Third Division of the Essex County Summer Target League to the First Division in two seasons, and in Field Archery by having amongst its number the Essex County Barebow Field Champion.

In the ensuing years the Club has continued to make its mark, especially in Field Archery in Essex, and has been represented at many archery championships both in the UK and overseas.

The Club was guided from its inception for many years by its President, Ernie Foster,  who worked tirelessly for many years to make the Club what it is today. Sadly Ernie died in 2000, at the age of 82 after a short illness.